Critique My Music Video Please

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      Looking for feedback thanks! All advice/critique is welcome

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      Hi I recently view your music video, I am in video but have been away for sometime so this is just a basic comment, the overall message was clear and the timing of your edits could have been a little fasters and some more closeup or different view points would enhance the video. Sheria 

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      Hi I watched your video, the main thing I didn't like was the fact that I had to watch you from the same few angles doing the same cliche musician gestures, it would have been cool if you kept the visual interest by making awesome montages which fits the music.It gets boring seeing the same angles and gestures again and again. So good luck for future

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      The repetitive nature matches the track I guess – which until thye speakingt came in is extremely repetitive. Looked pretty. I really hated those change direction zooms and the shots that appeared to be framed around his middle, with just6 a part of his face visible.

      It looked nice – but was trees, a car and loads of those weird Vulcan hand positions?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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