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      Looking for some feedback on my reel posted below:

      I separated my favorite edited sequences from projects that I have worked on by using title cards. I wanted to have a strong concept to ground my reel and avoid making a "sizzle" reel. I hope it reads the way I intended it to. Or if you read it in some other interesting way, even better!

      Love to hear your thoughts.


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      Did you shoot and light these scenes too, or just editing? Because if you did, its more than an editor reel and you should mention that in the intro. I don't even think you need the title cards for the scenes. Maybe even do a reel where all the shots are mixed up and cut fast, or show some interesting transitions for the edits. Great job.

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      Great work!!! I would say take out titles and change music to something with more energy. Other than that looks great 👍

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      Great job, Michelle! I at first found the title cards a bit confusing with the change between project footage happening before the title card comes in. Had to watch it several times to really get the flow … not sure if just a simple lower-thirds or an animated/motion graphic would work (?) ~ that may take you more into the “sizzle” reel you wished to avoid though. I agree with davepd2 that if you did more than edit (like light, shoot, direct, etc…) you really should include that info, too. Again, great job! Hope this is helpful. πŸ™‚ ~Tim

Viewing 3 reply threads
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