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      So, most everyone agrees that star wipes, heart wipes, checker boards and cube spins should be eliminated from the pre-set arsenal of editing transitions, right? 

      With that said, what are your favorite "go-to" pre-set transitions? 
      How often do you get creative and come up with some of your own? 
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      My most commonly used "transition" is the cut, followed by the dissolve/cross fade and fade to black.


      Very occasionally, usually in a short promotional piece to indicate a passage of time, change of location or topic, I'll use a zoom in/zoom out or an iris open/close.



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      If I have a shape to use like an eye turning into the moon or vise versa I feel compelled to use things like that. Other than that I try to keep it simple, cuts and the occasional cross fade. Dips/fade to black for closure at times.

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      I use the cut and cross disolve, the cross disolve to change related scenes, there is somthing about the funky cuts that just dont work for me, maybe i ought to do a cuts test soon.

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      I only get fancy with static graphic pages…for these I like the "page-peel" look, otherwise I only ever use the straight cut, dissolve, and fade to/from black.



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      I also used the cut and cross disolve. many of the funky cuts are there i really like all

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm


      In addition to the standard cuts and dissolves, I really like the bloom transition. I've made custom versions in every editor I've used. Essentially it cranks up the exposure until the A clip is blown out then the B clip starts blown out and comes back to normal exposure. It also helps to add a blur effect as the transition is ramping in and out. Sometimes I'll ditch the blur and have the frame jump up in position to simulate film skipping. The whole transition shouldn’t last more than 5-10 frames. The great thing about this transition is you don't need any overlap between the two clips like you do a cross dissolve. 


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