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      I have 10 short videos (5 to 15 minutes each) & some PDF's that I want to package together to sell on an ecommerce site.   I use iMovie for editing.  The videos are done & PDF's ready…now what do I need to do?  How do I compress all the content so it's easy & fast for downloading?  Do I need a digital downloading service or can I it be downloaded directly from my website?  How do I know the content will run on any computer?


      Thanks.  Vicki


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      Hi Vicki, 


      Well you might want to put all your PDFs into a Zip file (google, how to make a zip file) so its easer to upload. As for the video, you might want leave it as it is, as in do not put into the Zip file with the PDFs and upload it individually. MP4 (MPEG-4) is one of the most common video format and im pretty sure any computer should be able to play/open the file. 

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      I've not put this to practice, Vicki, but it would seem that a file folder could be created containing all your download materials, PDF and MP4, then provided in a Zip file for ease of download. I have included multiple image files Zipped, multiple PDF files Zipped, but not MP4 files, but it probably ought to work. Like ajamaludin, I prefer to set up for MP4, or other video files for separate, individual downloads.


      Your questions are good, and interesting. This is an area I am quickly approaching, having developed a series of resource materials, sample videos and other commercial items I want to include in an eCommerce environment.


      Right now my direct buyers send me check or money order (I'm getting ready to re-establish PayPal, as I once used it but grew frustrated with the fees and services at that time and discontinued) or credit card by phone as I do not have a secure socket environment yet for CC purchases from the website. Since my volume right now is extremely slow and sporadic, I simply use my Dropbox account to set up files for access via download.


      When things do get busier I am going to have to streamline and simplify the process, just as it appears you want to do.


      Hope others with some serious hands-on experience will chime in here soon.


      I DO, also, use to feature my print materials as well, but they have no means, method or willingness at this time to provide package delivery for downloads of print AND video utilizing CD or DVD materials.

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      Is there a way to package them all together though?  I think, from a customers point of view, it's better to hit "download" once, instead of multiple times.  I'm sure it's been done before, but definitely having trouble finding someone who has experience with it.



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