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      I record my sons volleyball games, each game is one file.  After the weekend is over I like to pull out their highlights and create a video for them.  I've been using Pinnacle to do this because it is very easy to watch the video at double speed, mark the in and out when I see something I want and then hit B to add that clip to my timeline.  This year I upgraded my camcorder and now generate AVCHD files and Pinnacle doesn't handle these well at all.  I've been looking for another editor that works just as easy but have been unable to find anything that works the same way as Pinnacle. Everything I've seen makes you insert the entire file to the timeline and then delete the portions you don't want.


      Does anyone know of a video editor that lets you view the source, mark clips and insert to timeline?

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      You don't say what your budget is but download the trial version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio 13 Platinum ($80 U.S.) and see what you think. I don't recommend the basic one as it seems to be missing a few features that you want/need such as the Trimmer and Advanced Edit Mode. Be advised that, as this is the latest version, it's now optimized for tablets and I personally don't like the interface. If you don't either, try to find a copy of Move Studio 12 as it still works the old fashioned way πŸ™‚ and for more info.



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      I just downloaded Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13 and it seems to work like all the others.  Add my 16 minute video clip to the timeline and delete what I don't want from the video.  That's not what I'm looking for.  I'd like something similar to Pinnacle (but that actually works with AVCHD files).


      With Pinnacle I hit play on my source video and when I see a section I want to add to the timeline I mark it (using keyboard I and O) and then hit B to add the clip to the timeline.  This works great for pulling out highlights.  I'll usually only get 4-5 5 second highlights from each 15 minute video.


      As far as my budget….I'd like to stay under $500.

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      I'm pretty sure you need to be in Advanced Edit mode to get the Trimmer feature. Load your source video into the Trimmer window, not add it to the timeline. Once in the Trimmer, you mark the in and out points just like Pinnacle and then add only that portion (vide only , audio only or both) to your timeline. I rarely use this feature so I can't tell you the exact procedure but it is spelled out in the online help menu. There are two tutorial videos that should help to get you started.

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      My apologies…did not look deep enough.  I think that trimmer window might be what I need.  My oldest has a tournament this weekend.  I'll try using Sony to edit the video.



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      No apology needed. Getting used to a new NLE takes some time. I've been using Vegas since version 1 so I've learned a few things over the  years πŸ™‚

      Definitely look into using the trimmer as I'm positive that's the tool that you want.

      Good luck!!

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      John, there's a Movie Studio forum on the Sony site at

      You will need to register to be able to post but it'squick, painless and spam free.

      There are a lot of tutorials at

      Sony's YouTube site is but not too much material is on there.



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      RS170A, I am using Movie Studio 12 Platinum. I am looking for more resources for this application. What have you found to be the best community and training sites?

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