creating space in video frame

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I wish to get advice about creating empty space in a video frame. To be specific I have a video of some 100 frames. The resolution is 600 pixels x 600 pixels
Now i want to create a blank video of 100 frames. The resolution will be 1000 x 1000
In this new video I want to impose the first video so that there will be blank space available in each frame around the 600 x 600 video.
I will be use the blank space to give my notations regarding the video content

How this can be done?

I am not a technically qualified person. I can trim or join videos and delete or introduce audio track. In a small way I can put text or logo in the video. For doing these elementary edits I use some Free Online Tools. Definitely I am not adept or interested in using any advanced programmes.

I require step by step guidance in using some simple freeware tools.

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What you're looking for is software that will allow you to create a Picture in Picture. I use Vegas Pro which allows for this to be done quite easily and I imagine all the other major software packages will allow this too. Look on line to see if you can find a very inexpensive or free software application that will permit this.