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      Please excuse this rudimentary question as I am just beginning to work more heavily with 4k footage.

      I am working in Premiere 2017 with old mid 2013 macbook so I am making proxies for manageable editing.

      When I make proxies via Media Encoder, my proxies come out as large as the original 4k files that I shot (around 40gb). Is this a problem? Will these large proxy file sizes make it harder on my computer/ dramatically slow down the Premiere workflow as I begin editing? I thought the idea of making proxies is to make more managable file sizes? I understand that NLE software requires better codecs for optimum workflow but will file size be part of the equation? Are my large proxy file sizes essentially slowing down Premiere the way my source 4k footage would?

      Additionally, since my macbook pro is old, it takes a long time to make just one proxy (about 2-3 hours). Are there specs that I can export my footage with in media encoder that will expedite the process? As of right now I am exporting my 4k footage to Dnxsq 1080p

      Thanks for your help in advance!

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