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      I would like to know how to create MOV files that play full screen (computer) without distortion using the equipment I currently have available to me, though it is admittedly somewhat dated. I am using a Sony PD170 camera and Imovie 11 (eleven) I am using the older Imovie because I like that it has a number system to grade color corrections that I can jot down and use to replicate exactly uture iterations of the same video – unlike newer versions of Imovie where its just done by sight.

      Even though I am using MIniDv instead of HD, when I play back video on a large TV screen it is crisp and clear. And when I export 640 x 480 VGA in Imovie it is as well but it gets distorted when you blow it up full screen. So, therefore, exporting in a larger format seems the way to go but when I try any of the larger formats (768 x 576 SD, 1280 x 720 HD, 1920 x 1080 HD) it comes out distorted even though its playing at its actual size.

      Given that I can watch these videos crisply and clearly on a large TV screen and that they used to shoot whole movies using these kinds of cameras I know there must be a way to achieve a larger screen that 640 x 480 that is crisp and clear.

      Is it the limitation of Imovie? If I were to use something like Final Cut Express (all I’m shooting are audition tapes) would that solve the problem?

      These are the settings I am using in IMovie:

      Compression type: H.264
      Frame Rate: 29.97
      Data Rate: Restrict to 1000 kblts/sec
      Key Frames: Automatic
      Compressor Quality: High
      Encoding: Faster encode (single-pass)
      Optimized for: Download
      Deinterlace Source Video

      Keep in mind these are audition tapes that need to be sent and consumed fairly quickly in most cases, so I would like to avoid files that take too too long to process and/or download, though some added size/time is doable.

      Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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