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      Sailor spinach

      Hey everyone!


      so I have been drudging away at trying to create this effect in editing with vsdc video editor free version. I am trying to create ghosting images and what I've been doing is as follows:

      film myself in one scene

      film again without moving the camera another scene which I would like to be the layer of the ghost. I am also in this image. 

      The filming involves only me because I am doing some perpetration for something involving others. 

      In short what I would like to do is layer images to create ghosts but can't figure it out. In vsdc I have been trying everything with the transparency effect but when I do the images and both layers are equally as see through. 

      Just hoping you pros can guide me and thank you so much for your responses!!

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      Can you not place things in individual tracks or layers on VSDC's timeline?  Never used VSDC, so I'm just kind of shooting from the hip.  But I would assume that it works similar to other NLEs.

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      I'm not familiar with your editor, hopefully my advice can be done with it. Without seeing the footage, I can only assume that you're using the transparency equally with both footages so of course they're both going to get ghost effects. You have to somehow separate the two. Using your existing footage, you have to add the transparency "ghost" shot with the original "person" shot by separating the two footages with some type of transition – either a wipe (where the wipe has been locked down so that it doesn't cross the screen and stays stationary) or a matte. This way, one half (or whatever portion you need) of the person shot will be shown with the other half of the ghost shot. If you have the ghost passing in front of the person then you'll have to go another route. Shot your ghost in front of a black screen and then do the transparency for the two shots. If you want the ghost to go behind the person then you'll probably have to shot the person in front of a green screen wherever the effect takes place. I hope that explains things clearly enough and solves your problem.



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