Creating Dust and Wind Effects

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      Hi everyone,

      I am in the process of planning a music video shoot, and some of the elements necessary are wind and lots of swirling dust.

      Think, the old Ridley Scott commercial from 1990 done for Nissan.(Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo Commercial)

      Please see here for the example:

      Outside of shooting in a desert location with lots of sand and either a wind machine, or leaf blower, etc. I’d like to get advice, thoughts, suggestions on how to go about this in a way that looks good on camera, while keeping my performers safe.

      Looking forward to hearing peoples’ thoughts!

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      You could use one or several, as needed of these – with someone standing beside and throwing dust in front of it. Have these out of the cameras view, consider who will be standing in this ‘dust’, then do the research needed to make sure the dust will not harm anyone.

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      Great idea, Dave. We did something like this to simulate flying in an open cockpit. The fan blew the actor’s hair and a silk scarf he was wearing. With clouds projected on a neutral background it was very convincing.

      Why not make a long narrow box — think shipping container for a pool table — with a sheet of plexiglass on the front and back, one end open the other closed. Shoot through the plexiglass as a fan or perhaps even a shop vac circulates dust/sand or some other fine particulate, in the box. This should keep the dust from both the camera and the actors. With a fan like the one Dave suggests ruffling the actors and with careful lighting this might be an inexpensive and workable solution.

      Another possibility worth trying is dry ice. In hot (boiling) water it produces dense clouds of “smoke,” which hug the ground and can be pushed about with very gently puffs of air. Used sparingly it works somewhat like a mister. It’s inexpensive and worth a try.

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      Take a look at the FX program called ParticleIllusion. It should do the trick.

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      You have made amazing stuff.So fabolous when you watch it.

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