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      Good Evening All,
      I'm working on a history video for a local school and am in need of some text advice. For their title screen, the history class wants the screen to explode into fire with a 3D text effect following afterwards, the text itself on fire through a border or fire font. After spending a few hours on it, I am struggling to find an effective way to "burn" the text. I downloaded some FootageCrate flame effects and attached these to the borders of some of the text, but the process was fairly ineffective and convoluted due to the fact that the text is moving. The fire effects just cannot keep up with the text convincingly.

      Are there any particular popular or well-known methods for doing something like this on Final Cut Pro X? My Google searches have yielded me little, and the only fire effects I've found are small fires that don't quite work as text borders. I simply haven't been able to find any convincing fire fonts, either. Any affordable recommendation is greatly appreciated, as I'm on a tight school budget for this.Thanks so much!

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      in you do a search on google for:


      burning text after effects… you will get a multitude of how to videos….showing you haow to do it… yes you need After Effects….


      good luck!


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