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      Hello Video Maker, 


      I am a developer. I was wondering if you would be interested in a one button automatic video editing service. What you will do is upload your video on a cloud platform, and algorithms will automatically edit your videos to create interesting content for you. The key here is that this is not a tradition video editing software, and the UI will be minimal from one button to only selecting the music and videos.  


      The assumption I have is that the current video editing software is too much hassle for you. Let me know if I am wrong or right! Thx

      If you have other suggestions on what the market is not serving you well pleaese let me know!

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      Just filled out your survey. I in general enjoy editing, it's the constant little switches between multicam editing that gets exhausting sometimes. That or the normal shot-reverse shot cuts. It's clear by who is saying what who I should cut to but with films with tons of dialogue it gets sooo repetitive. Hope this helps

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      Hmm I might be interested if it worked well on some of my applications such as business events. Like Samantha said editing tons of dialog gets so tedious. I would have to see it in action, but anything that saves me time which in turn saves me money is welcome in my book.


      P.S. I also submitted my survey.

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      seems pretty vague but probably perfect for the average beginner who doesnt want to spend the time actually learing how to edit or god forbid use their own creativity. Which in that case shouldnt be trying to make videos in the first place. 

      If you are talking about cat videos for youtube or IG then sure, probably a great concept. 





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      Such software is already exists 🙂


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      Participant…. I think it will sell, because some people just want to see something…… and going through a lot of rushes sometimes can be time consuming.

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      Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get the notification for this comment for some reason.

      Would segmenting all of the dialog clips and showing all of the clips simultaneously would be interesting? 

      Also, would it be interesting if I provide you with the diaglog clips of the individual clips? 


      I will reach out to you  personally to talk about this further. Thank you. Just in case, my email address is 

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      Sorry for being vague. I know what I would want for a solution, but I am trying to explore what would be interesting for other people. 

      To give you an idea what is possible, I created a prototype of showing segments of the entire video simultaneously. This can help people identify interesting clips more quickly in my opnion. (Pleaese use a laptop using chrome to view the website) 


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