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      I work for a company that produces videos in multiple languages and I am looking to create a more efficient workflow. I have an idea but I am not sure if their is anyway to implement it. I want to create a video render that produces a video with graphics for multiple languages. For instance I have created four graphics for English, Spanish and Portuguese. I want graphic one set at this time code, graphic two at this time code and so on. I then want to render out the video file and have three videos, one with English graphics, one with Spanish and one with Portuguese. Is this a task I can accomplish in premiere? or is their a program that can do this for me?


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      Hi There,


      We create videos in multiple languages on a regular basis. To give you an idea of who I am, feel free to check me out here:  



      Since you’re editing different language versions of a video, you should create a separate timeline for each language. They would most likely be exact copies of the English timeline. 


      Once you’ve created the English video with graphics, do the following:


      – Build the graphics in Spanish and Portuguese and put them in their own folders.

      – Then  take the first copy and replace the English voice track with Spanish.


      – Import the Spanish graphics folder into the project and replace each English graphic with the Spanish Graphic. 


      Once you’ve completed that, do the same thing for the Portuguese video.  At the end you’ll have 3 separate videos, one for each language.


      I hope that helps you.




      Greg Ball, President

      Ball Media Innovations



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