Creating a Moody or Fincher-like Look on RED Cameras

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      Hello everyone! I was a Videographer for a few years, and now I'm looking to move into high-end digital cinema work. After saving up for some time, I'm looking to purchase a RED Scarlet-W, and have been looking at RED-related DPs and production companies in my local market (Miami, FL), to see what type of work and look they crank out, so I can get in the loop of things. I came across a production company around here, and one of their samples really stood out to me as having a moody, Fincher-like, cinematic look that I'd really like to use in my own work at some point. Here's the link to view it, below:

      I also noticed a lot of similar videos on their site:

      I'm pretty sure they shoot on a RED (their work looks like RED work I've seen before). I would like to know if anyone here can give me any educated guesses or tips on how they achieved much of the look in the video above (lenses, filters, lighting, color grading, etc.). I tried contacting them, but they haven't gotten back to me. Thanks, everyone!

      – Andrew

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