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      Can anyone please help, I am interested in creating a 18th century battle scene using graphics etc. (Battle of minden 1759) Never attempted anything like this and is all knew to me. I'm trying to create a history project to show at our Battalion reunions, something like they do on the BBC. Things like colums of soldiers marching, cannon fire, cavalry charging in great numbers towards the soldiers, smoke, musket fire and of course scenery.

      I have no idea what would be required to do this i.e. software, or indeed is it worth me purchasing the right equipment or to approach a professional company to do it for me.

      Hope you can help. Many thanks.


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      If you don’t already have the equipment, it may be more cost effective to hire someone to do it for you. After purchasing all of the necessary video equipment, an editing station, and a robust NLE to edit your footage, you’ll probably want to purchase stock footage to give you the type of scene that you want, and then shoot your close-up, interaction type story stuff in front of a green screen. By the time you purchase all of this stuff, you may well be several thousand dollars into your project.

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      I'd echo McRockett's comments. In the US, there is an active community of Civil War re-enactors, and I suspect there are probably English and German re-enactors for the Seven Years War. If you can find them, you could probably get permission to film at one of their re-enactments, or they may be able to lead you to stock footage that already exists. 


      If you aren't already involved in video production, you'd probably be happier hiring someone else to edit the footage and put a finish on the film. You could probably get a short film done for £3,000 to £5,000.

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