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      Hallo Everyone

      This is my first post. Nice to meet you all of you!

      My name is Re-Patch and I am very small (but passionate) content creator on YouTube, I create DayZ Standalone videos. 30 years old and from Switzerland. If you wanna know something more, go ahead and ask I’m still learning and somewhat new to editing. I use Magix Video Pro as editing software, ShadowPlay for recording (gameplay) and Adobe Audition for sound corrections.

      My question:
      I have a question and don’t really know where to look for/where to ask.
      I’m sure you all know certain examples of what I am looking for . . . I am looking for a way to create my own “alarm/announcement/emergency etc.” voice. I want to create my own, because I don’t want any troubles with copy-right issues on YouTube.

      I am speaking about examples like this:

      (first 10 seconds of video)

      (00:25 – 00:39 of video)

      (whole video)

      (00:18 – 00:46 – especially this one, love this)

      I hope you guys understand what I mean. Is there a way to create my own? Any ideas/ways how I could do this?

      Thanks a lot for your help in advance & have a good day!


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