CPU for Video Editing.

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      I'm trying to build a system for video editing on a budget.  I have a really good pc case, dvd writer, 750 watt power supply, blu ray writer, I'm considered the fx8350, dual or single xeon 5660, or i7-8700k.  Are server systems / workstations better than regular systems for video editing?


      I'd prefer the cheapest option for performance.

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      Here is what I edit Videos On – Desktop Computer, in the case is a am Asus P8P67 Motherboard, with an I7 Intel CPU.  128 GB RAM, Dual 4 GB Graphics cards hooked together by SLI cable and 4 4TB hard drives.  The Power Supply is 900 watts.  The Computer runs Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia Cinnamon.  I capture footage off of my MiniDV Tape Cameras using a KINO, then to Edit My Videos I use Kdenlive.  When I press Render of Video I have made, it barely makes the machine work hard.  And did I say, the OS and the Program I Use are all free.



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      I use a couple newer mac book pros with final cut. I break all of my footage into clips and save them onto flash drives so its not eating internal memory. 

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       I would honestly recommend the iMac 5K (fully upgraded, with ram purchased off of Amazon), with the screen included, I think it's a great value for the money. 

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