CPU 4770k vs. 4930k Adobe CC is it worth it?

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      I know this question has been asked but i feel it didnt answer my specific situation. Is the 4930 i7 worth it over the 4700 i7. I sort of know that a quad core based system would be enough for what i want to do (Ppro and AE) but I wanted to know if it was worth it for what I want to do. Is the 4930k worth the extra $500, especially since its a good base system for the long term or is the difference inconsequential.

      My workload
      4k footage
      RED footage (4k and 5k)
      AVCHD 200+ MBps
      Also light work in AE (compositing but not a lot of 3d animation).

      MY computer
      CPU 4770k or 4930k
      GPU GTX 770 4GB
      RAM 16GB

      Thanks for any advice!

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      You may be fine with the lower-end processor.  But where you're shooting 4K and 5K footage from a RED camera, you will appreciate the extra horsepower.

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