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      Hello everyone!
      I have to correct the stain you see on video... how can i do?
      I tried adding the flou filter to a mask but does not satisfy me... 
      I use Edius 6:07 but use even after effect.

      This is the video: … I.mp4?dl=0


      Thank for the interest.





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      I am very interested in this topic as well.  I have some .avi raw footage that we got caught in a rainstorm and there are water spots on the lens.  Thanks for asking.  Hope some of our fellow VideoMaker peeps can shed some light on the subjec or correcting problems of things on the lenses.  I'll share also, If I hear anything else as well.

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      I create a mask (circle) that follow the dirt and i apply a gain of a contrast in the mask. And i apply decrescent blur on the external of the mask.

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