Corded Lavalier Mic Recommendations?

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      Hey all-



      Looking for a decent corded lavalier mic without batteries and with stereo output for under $30.  Impossible?  Let me know what you all think. 

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      Why stereo?…highly over-rated espescially on a lav mic which is usually only used by a single person.   Nearly all lav mics that I've ever come across or used have all been single-channel.

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      Hi Austen, the $24.95 Sony ECM-CS3 is a corded, unpowered stereo lavalier that will give you decent sound for not a lot of money.


      Hope this is helpful,



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      If you want two channel sound from your lavalier mike, go to radio shack and pick up a mono to stereo converter jack that will plug into the1/8" mick jack on your camera, it splits the sound into two streams.

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      Thanks Bill!  I will go with that.  Found it for about $18  on Adorama and will probably go with it.  Looks like it's great quality.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

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      Changed my mind.  That one seems to be out of stock in most places.  Can you recommend a regular looking lavalier that does do the dual channel outut like chuckzootz mentioned without the converter?

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