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      I was searching for pre World War II music for a documentary and it seemed every site I visited was USA based, were I could purchase, from copyright companies/agents, the use of that music for a fee. Fees quoted was determined by what and where you want to use the music.

      Two experiences I had were (a) the prices quoted are negotiable and (b) if you are not aware, some will charge you for products where the copyright has expired.

      I then found different countries each have a different number of years for their copyright legislation. For example what is copyright in the USA for 75 years may only be copyright in other countries for 50 years.

      I recently had an experience where an original song/music track written for a clip and performed in house for a promo clip was determined by YouTube to be copyright, and no amount of correspondence could convince them otherwise.

      A full list of countries and the length of copyright music, photos etc., can be found at:’_copyright_lengths

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    Nice note thanks Rocky. Google’s AdWords – believe it or not – will also scour a web page and suspend the appropriate AdWords campaign if it deems your site to peddle or use music / other media without the permission of the copyright owner.

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