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      I did a 3 camera shoot of a band’s live performance, all my own equipment, did all the editing and sound work, did all the graphics for the jewel case. Basically all the artist did was perform. I put up the money for the 1st 1000 duplication, we sold that in 3 weeks. I paid back for the initial pressing. The agreement I had with the artist was we would pay the costs back and split profits from this DVD project. We used profits to duplicate another 1000 DVD with art and cases and I have not heard from him again, wont return calls, acts like I don’t exist. Because we had a verbal agreement, what are my rights in this scenario? anyone?

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      Verbal agreements are worth the paper they’re written on. Nevertheless, it’s worth filing an action in Small Claims Court

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      Straight to court really – assuming that you know he has the money. If the band are skint, there is little point taking the action. Do they have a Facebook page? That’s always an excellent way to get in touch, publicly – Hi Fred, trying to get in touch about the the DVD sales – not heard from you and my invoice got returned as gone away? Talk soon – John. Often works.

      This is pretty much the same deal I use as a model. It works with people I trust. It’s hopeless with bands who have little money, or little organisation.

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