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      I recently bought the Sony HDR – CX900 camcorder which uses AVCHD video format for HD video.  Mac computers don't support this file format and I heard that one option is to use a file converter to convert the AVC format to a format I can work with.  Anyone know anything about this?  Which file converters might work?

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      I have read on other forums that one suggestion is to copy the contents of the entire card to your Mac and then go into the appropriate folder to get your video content.

      Your other option is to record to mp4 format which your Mac should read but that's limited to 1280×720 at 30p which may be an issue for you.



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      Check out ClipWrap for the Mac. The trick to converting AVCHD to a natively-supported format is to 'rewrap' the footage, rather than transcoding it. That avoids a decompress-recompress cycle and a resulting one-generation loss in quality. There's more on rewrapping in this thread:

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      What software are you using to edit? iMovie, FCP X, adobe Premiere Elements, adobe Premiere all handle AVCHD just fine. Your OS or Mac may not be up to spec for the versions of software that do so, in which case ClipWrap – as mentioned above – is your best bet.

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      To work AVCHD MTS files on Mac OS X, converting MTS to MOV format is a wise choice no matter you just wanna view MTS files in QuickTime or wanna further editing your MTS clips with iMovie or Final Cut Pro.


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      free mts/m2ts converter , you can find it in apple store. It's free and quality is good.

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      Seriously??? I mean no offense, but you like like a guy (if that is you in the image) that should be smart enough to have figured this out before posting such a definitive statement about what the Mac Editing Environment does or does not handle. As MartinX lightly touched on it, Final Cut Pro X is remarkbly efficient at working with AVCHD Files. In fact, there are many Converters on the App Store that say they can convert AVCHD files, but can't from all sources. On import you can control how FCPX Converts the footage…ie, ProRes 4:2:?:? and where to store.  I just finished handling footage from several differnet cams on a multicam shoot and and the conversion results are beautiful. In fact I have found Final Cut Pro X the only program that has been able to handle any AVCHD footage from any camera! What I would like to know, is do you actually own a Mac Computer? If you do, why don't you have FCPX for only $300… and if you do have it did you try to import your AVCHD footage?  It would be nice for you to report back in and tell us…."if it was a snake it would have bit me!"


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