Convert TS to MP4 without re-encoding?

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      AvatarKing Mustard

      I had an MP4 video file that I needed to split into two files without re-encoding.

      I used Avidemux:

      • Copy for Video/Audio Output
      • MPEG TS Muxer for Output

      I used MPEG TS Muxer because MPEG-PS Muxer showed [Mismatch] Video not compatible and [Muxer] Cannot open when trying to save a clip.

      Avidemux worked but the files are, of course, TS files.

      Can I convert them back to MP4 video files without re-encoding?

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      Why don’t you just go back to the original files and import them into an editor, and then export the two different files?

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      The way I’ve used to convert TS to MP4. By the way, I perfer transcoding than remuxing.

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      Avidemux interface is easy to do, when i get the video and find the result is not too dream. i also find that Avidemux does not read MPEG streams. It has been designed to read an MPEG stream index. I have to find another way, i find many powerful software which can remux TS to MP4 with high quality, if you have not found the best way, i think you can try my way, you can search online and download one to remux TS video.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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