Controlling text movement with the mouse pointer

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      I have a video clip that contains moving objects. I want to put text on top of the moving objects and move them along with the objects. Since the frame is not standing still, it’s difficult to program the movement of the text so that it always stays on top of the moving objects. Therefore, I imagine that the easiest solution would be to control the text’s movement with my mouse pointer as the movie is running and the objects are moving. More specifically, I’m looking for a tool in a video editor that let’s you attach the position of a text line to your mouse pointer position and then lets you record the movement of your mouse pointer as you manually move it around. The result I want is a text line that moves in the same trajectory as the recorded movement of my mouse pointer.

      Does anyone know how to do this?

      I have no idea if this is easily achievable, but I thought I’d give it try here since I didn’t find the answer on google. Also, this is just for a one-time use so I’m limited to free video editors and video editors with trial periods.

      Thanks in advance for your answers!

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