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Connecting Canon 600D

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    Hi Guys

                       Just wondering if anyone knows how to connect a Canon 600D to a field monitor using a HDMI Lead so that I can see both the Canon Screen & the monitor…??


    Is this at all possible?



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    Hello Mate,


    I just use the EOS utility the usb out to my laptop, gives live video view, esp for dof..


    Hope this helps

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    Cheers Buddy….. 


    One other thing….. Can I connect an HDMI lead to a monitor and a AV cable to another monitor so they are viewable at the same time….?

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    Thanks for the replies, but I think I might have found the answer in the form of Magic Lantern software. However, I'll try it later on today and let you know how I go……. 

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    Well I tried it and it was a false lead someone gave me….. It didn't work so any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.


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    One of the biggest issues with the canon products, is that they don't like to mirror screens from the small viewfinder LCD screen and to a second external monitor….


    What I have had to do, and have grown custom to doing, is run an HDMI out from the camera into a spliter, so I can send the signal to the monitor hooked to my rig, and the other goes to a wireless transmitter that is received by my hand held monitor as well. 


    This solution is not optimal in every solution, however it offers two screens with one being stationary on your rig.


    Otherwise, the 600D won't mirror screen nativly. 

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    Thanks Robvile, Thats pure genius… I'll have a look into it, but thanks very much….

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    You can set the camera to send a regular standard-definition audio and video signal to the TV. For this option, no added cable investment is needed because the cable you need is included with the camera.

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