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      Advise please. I have a Mackie sound board and a new Canon xa20 video camera, we will be taping church service to air on public access tv and I want better sound quality. I just need help on where to plug into our sound board to run to the cameras xlr connection. Mainly I just need this hookup from the preachers mic but if I can plug in to the entire board that would be great.

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      Mackie makes a lot of different audio consoles. What’s the model # of the one you have?


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      Avatarp samaroo

      First, look at the Mackie board…to determine the OUTPUT. There are three types of OUTPUT, XLR, quarter inch and RCA…You would want to use the XLR.
      The camera audio input is XLR..
      ***If the Mackie board doesn’t have the XLR, then you would have to modify….

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      as Mike said,

      it would help to know the model of your Mackie soundboard…

      is this the same sound board as what the preacher is connected to??? if it is, you will probably be stuck with a line level output as it is probably directly connected to the speakers…

      if you are using your own soundboard then…

      you need to know if you camera will accept a “line” level signal or only a “mic” level signal. usually a switch on the camera near the xlr inputs

      second, you need to know if the Mackie can output a “mic” level out some of them do I have three different models that have that capability (usually a small push button switch near XLR outputs).

      give us the model number and what is connected to it and then we will be able to help you.


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