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      I will need to upgrade to a new computer for editing 4K. I will buy Edius 9 (Link), although I'm not familiar with configuration of a computer.

      At my work I have the opportunity to buy a Dell Precision Tower (5000 series), see link for possible configuration LINK. My budget is about 2500$. I would be happy to get some help:)


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      Are you only editing 4k? If your not doing any effects or animation you really only need a PC using a nvidia 1060 6gb gtx card, 16gb ram, and a i7 6700k or similar processor. You can get that in a PC for $1000 from a custom build company.

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      er, Edius HAS to have a 64 bit OS to work – it won;t run on any 32 bit system, on any amount of RAM.

      Realistically – your dell has the muscle – I'd  advise as much ram as you can afford because, on my system – it's likely I have multiple things running – I will have Premiere running, with usualoly photoshop and maybe audition also running, let alone After effects – so while you have the RAM for one, does it impact on the others. The faster processors certainly help with rendering times. The only thing I would check is that physically, the graphics card you want will fit!  One Dell I had about 5 yrs ago had the right socket – but it was too long for the case, and the internal layout meant I had to scrap the plan for the extra internal drives because they wouldn't all fit!

      It's also worth checking that the drives you intend to use have the capacity to handle the needs of 4K – if you are usung mutliple 4K streams, is the throughput/transfer rate fast enough to not bottleneck? I have one older drive in my edit machine that struggles with 2 4K streams. It's fine on multiple HD ones – but not quick enough for 4K – moving files to the other drive is fine.



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      Editing software only stores the current displayed clip in ram so you only need 16gb max, what is more important is vram and render speed of the graphics card, which a GTX 1060 3gb can handle 4k playback over 160 fps easily and there for can most likely render floating footage at 60 fps and export footage at 30fps without heavy effects. To pair with a GTX 1060 any i7 6700k or better will be good. As stated you can get all the parts for the PC for about $1000. You really only need better than. Those parts from 3D animation. Also SSD drive as main drive is very important ofc.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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