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      I have been working on a small Flight Simulator organisation for quite some time now and now we have decided to upgrade almost everything of the organisation and we would like to have a promotional video for the organisation. Since it is Flight Simulator organisation, the video should be strictly about planes and we can’t find a way to make a video for that.
      I need help on how videos can be made without the object really present to be shot or made a video. More like CGI. I don’t know how to model an object and how to convert it to a video. I have experience on GMax and Sketch Up, but I would like to be enlightened on how 3D computer generated objects can be rendered to a video.

      I was thinking about a video like this:

      It doesn’t have to be this good, but what I would like to know is that how they make video on objects that are not even made and they still don’t look like cartoons. The plane in the video is not yet made but they were able to put it on a video. There are videos about concept Phones and designs. How are such video made?
      Thanks in Advance!

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      You’re after photorealistic rendering. It’s basically what CGI and 3D modelling is about. You can buy 3D models for most planes ever made, load them into a 3D software package, either build a landscape model or composite the model into a real landscape and render at the best quality time permits. If you’re really in a flight simulator organisation, this should be their bread and butter, ask around, see what 3D package they’re using. Gmax doesn’t have the rendering capability of higher end 3D packages, there are better render plugins for Sketchup. If you want to learn and do it on your own free, I recommend look at, if you just want the ad check out a 3D studio near you.

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      If you are a flight simulator organization, you probably have a video screen showing the simulation. Why wouldn’t you capture that video for your promotion and blend it with a second camera on the operator. You can check out any hollywood airplane scene to see how effective this technique is.

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