Compressing Video: Why? And to what format?

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I had a couple questions about compressing and when and why to do it. I shoot primarily on a canon t3i and my GoPro Hero Silver 3+. I recently shot a wedding and had a couple questions regarding compressing my video files, why and to what format should you compress your files to before editing? What the advantages and disadvantages?

The details of my files for this particular project are:
Canon t3i mov files --- mostly shot in 1280x720 @ 60fps
(i wanted to incorporate mostly slow mo techniques in the editing process, its for a family friend and they just wanted a simple video for their wedding)

GoPro Silver3+ --- shot in 1080@60fps

Editing on an iMac with Final Cut X.
I also recorded audio separately with my H4N.

If anyone could assist and give me some tips in prepping files for editing so that there are no problems during the exporting process or unexpected speed pumps that may occur. Thank you!

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As a Mac user, the only format you might consider compressing to would be ProRes as it's native to that platform. Otherwise leave everything in it's original format and edit it as is. Compression is only used after you're done editing and you need to create files for uses such as the web, YouTube, DVD, etc.


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Yup - don't compress files before editing. It will slow down your editor and your computer.