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      I work for a small charity organisation in Cameroon( Africa) and want to help them setup a professional video editing studio. can someone help me with the listing of equipment and software to order. we are also interested in accepting donated equipment or paying a price to get a complete studio. Tel 237677947449 or skype me at christian24035 or e-mail at

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      A Desktop computer with at least an I5 Processor, a 2 GB Graphics card and two Monitors (these last two items work together, you need the Graphics card to have ports that work with your 2 Monitors. A Surround Sound Audio card is good also.

      Now for an Operating System, I would recommend Linux Mint Serena for an Operating System, it is free. It has a very good Video Editing Program, called KDenlive, which is free. Audacity is free Audio editing Program.

      I run Linux Mint Serena and I do love it, as long as you can get Internet in that part of Africa, you should be good to go.

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