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      looking to buy pro shoulder mount camcorder looking at thePanasonic  AG-HMC80 or the AG-AC8. I know that the HMC80 is older model but but is it still a better camera then the AG_AC7?

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      The $1299 AG-AC8 (introduced in 2013) has a 20x zoom and records to 1080p (progressive) – while the 2003-era HMC80 is limited to a 12x zoom and 1080i (interlaced).


      That said, the AC8 has a consumer 3.5mm mic input and both cameras have tiny sensors and fixed, non-interchangeable lenses.  They are essentially consumer camcorders in shoulder mounted bodies.


      If you need a shoulder mounted camera, and budget permits, you might want to consider the $2299 Sony NEX-EA50 large sensor camera instead.  This is a professional camcorder with XLR mic inputs and interchangeable lenses. Here is what this camera can do:











      DOCUMENTARY (in Dutch)



      In addition, it's a pretty good still camera too (see photos at bottom of this page, taken with the NEX-EA50).


      You will get much higher video and still image quality from this camera than from the HMC80 or AC8 – and you will have the flexibility provided by interchangeable lenses.  The NEX-EA50 is a much better value for your money.


      Hope this is helpful and good luck with your decision!



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      your comments did help, but the problem I have is that I am on a real real tight budget. I had to convince my wife that I can video tape weddings. I have 3 under my belt. I used my panasonic PVDV54. It was my brothers wedding and my 2 nepews. I feel I did a good job or was lucky. For a one camera shoot I was able to capture there their days and they were happy. I felt I did a good job in post editing adding music, titles and arangiing fottage. The cameras I asked are in my price range. Not the best situation but it seems all I have right now. I was planing on just starting out for free doing weddings with the cavate that I could use footage to make my demo tape.    

Viewing 2 reply threads
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