Compact camera for filmmaking/travelling?

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      Hey everyone! I’m looking for a video camera under 400-450 dollars, with the following features:

      Hot/Cold shoe mount, 1080p 60 fps, external mic. Flip-out screen optional. Interchangeable lens would be nice too.

      I’ve been looking at the Canon EOS M/M3, but I heard the battery life and autofocus are pretty bad. Does anyone have a good alternative? No camcorders, please.
      I’d prefer a mirrorless camera. I’ve been looking to build something like this:

      The camera doesn’t have to be new, I can get one off Ebay secondhand if necessary. The camera will be used for vlogging and/or short films and skits with my friends, and also for travel videos.

      I’ve also seen the Panasonic G7, which looks good, but I’m worried it might be too big to carry around all day. Does anyone know anything about this?


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