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      Hi everyone! 


      My Marketing team for a class project recently made a video but the number of views we have gotten is minimal. Our concept was to mimic the Bud Light #UpForWhatever commercial. I was wondering if you could help critique the video and give us some feedback on how to improve for our next project. This was the first time any of us have made something like this. 


      I understand that our video quality (e.g. camera) itself wasn't HD, which takes away some of its entertainment value. I have also been told that having music over the video also makes it less enjoyable. 


      Please share some of your thoughts! I'm really looking forward to hearing some of your comments.


      Thank you!


      And here is the link:


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      It wasn't bad for a class project and it not being 'HD' didn't detract. Two things that stuck out though were:

      1) Light your scenes. You don't need big studio or 'pro' lights but you do need to get some light on the scenes. Especially when the talent comes into the door and definitely on the 'product' when they put it on the table in frame! Also, you lights need to be consistent. You had multiple light sources and didnt 'White Balance' for any of them. So in one shot everything has an 'orange' or 'yellow' cast on all the colors and in others you used an LED light and you had a hard 'blue' cast over everything. When you're planning your shoot, pick out the kind of light your scene will have and stick with that for consistency. Since it was supposed to be a 'party', the LED light simulating a cellphone light was a nice touch. Using that through the whole production would have been cool.

      2) Your piece is too long for the type of commercial you were emulating. Commericals are short for a reason. People's attention spans are about 30 seconds or less when it comes to video these days. You have less than 5 seconds to get their attention and less than 10 to hold it so they'll want to see it to the end of 30! Your commercial has to tell a 'short story' in that time with a 'beginning', 'middle' and 'end' with a 'payoff' that shows the product (i.e. Beer.) You do that by using 2-second cuts that start and end with action. You had some 2-second cuts, but they weren't consistent. Also I never had a sense of 'Kaitlin' being 'upforwhatever' since she wasn't the primary focus in the piece.

      My suggestion if you can't reshoot, is to go through and cut 97 seconds leaving 5 seconds to intro, 20 sec to tell your story using 2 second cuts (starting and ending on action) and 5 seconds to spotlight the product and then drop your hashtag overlay over the live video.

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      Composite 1 pretty much summed it up, and I would also add that without a narrator or dialogue you have to have REALLY compelling imagery that tells your story and I'm not sure you get that by just showing various shots of having fun.
      I would maybe add some text or someone describing what the "whatever" moment is in each shot, but as the previous commentor noted, you should cut out much of it.

      You could also try using slow-motion for some of the shots and focusing on people's faces having fun, rather than just the action.

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      If you want to make a good video for your project, then you need to use high resolution camera and put any suitable music on that video. Good visual quality video with nice music attracts people and you will get maximum benefits by using this technique. I hope it will work for you.

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      Sorry, but to the UK viewer, it looked like a load of students making a video with no planning, no preparation, no story and no understanding of audience? Thanks to NCIS, at least I understand what was happening with the cups and balls – but it was frankly pretty awful in artistic and technical terms. I have no idea what it was about, I have no idea of the link to St Patricks day apart from green? I'd even forgotten the brand of beer by the time it got to the end. It did look to me like a load of drunk people got a video camera. The choice of music seemed to not fit the stagering dance movements they were making, so why was it chosen.


      I'm sure you had fun making it, but as a serious project on marketing, then if I were your teacher, I'd be wondering how to give it any grade at all – much of course depends on the criteria you will be graded on, but all the educational ones I can think of seem to score zero?


      Sorry guys, I think it need scrapping and you should start again, thinking about purpose, audience, market and production values.


      Sorry it's so harsh.

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