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      I was filming vertically, and then switched my camera horizontal. Half of a video needed rotation. I split this video in two halves, rotated the second one which needed rotation and now I could not combine them. I am using “Avidemux” and it suggests me to “resize”, “add border” or “crop”. But I really do not want to loose some footage filmed in the corners. What should I do?
      I am not a pro at those things and am doing such stuff first time in my life in general. I would not mind if the vertical part would be in a white, grey, black background in the final video or something.
      Please, help me!

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      It won’t be pretty but you’re stuck with what you have done. Best choice is probably to use the horizontal (landscape) footage as is and add a neutral background for the vertical (portrait) shots. Anything you do to crop or “expand to fill frame” will result in loosing parts of the image.

      Rather than a neutral background, some editors are blowing up the vertical footage and using this as a background, with the original portrait footage overlaid in front. For my taste this is a bit too busy; I prefer the neutral.

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