Combining soundtrack and photos to create a film / slideshow?

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I was presented recently by my local Historical Society with nine C-90 Cassette tapes and asked if I could transfer the contents onto .MP3 files. I did this using a cassette player and Audacity running on a PC.

I have now been asked if I can combine the sound track(s) with some photographs. Initially I said that I was sure that this could be done with PowerPoint but have subsequently been asked if I can output them to some more generic format that doesn't depend on access to PowerPoint (or equivalent).

The upshot of this is that I would like to generate a number of .AVI or .MPG files containing the soundtracks and photographs of related places of interest (e.g. the chapel, the village green, etc.).

Can anyone suggest a suitable piece of software and how best to do it?

Many thanks in advance.

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An easy to learn software that can accomplish your task would be Cyberlink PowerDirector. There are frequent sales and online coupons. I think it also can use PP files. A robust user-forum is also very handy. Others here may suggest other software.