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      I’m beginning a no-budget, very short film which requires me to color parts of a moving animal, outside, in sunlight. (Perhaps something like this: , but not necessarily black and white). I am trying to figure out how to accomplish this, for minimal cost. Green screen is probably impractical (I’m not moving the animal inside, and outside would be quite difficult and occlude the background that I want to keep anyway). I have done a quick test shoot to see if I can figure out how to accomplish this, and whether there are any special things I can do when filming to help.

      I’ve tried using BlackMagic Fusion (free!), but I can’t figure out a way to track the animal’s changing shape. I’m even having difficulty colorizing a single frame, without massive amounts of touch-up, which isn’t practical for potentially a minute or more of video.

      There are some tutorials for After Effects videos that do something similar, but these all seem to rely on a shape that does not change:

      I’ve never used AE, and obviously it would cost $$ to use. If I knew that I could use this tool to perform this effect, and if I could learn to do so in a short enough amount of time, I would spend a little bit for this ($30/mo). But if it would take me months to learn (especially since I would only be able to try a few hours a week, with family and day job), this could cost a lot.

      I haven’t seen any other s/w that seems suited for this either.

      Any and all suggestions welcome.


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      Kevin Mc

      You might consider wrapping parts of the animal in green-screen (or some ‘off’ color). Then you can chromakey the animal and put the color layer behind it. Just a thought…

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      Hmm. Thanks. But I’m not wanting to make the animal too distressed, at this point. It looks like they’ll be skittish already.

      I was hoping the natural colors would be enough. But since I don’t know AE, I’m hoping someone here can let me know if it’ll work, given the sunlight and backgrounds, if I spend the money on it.


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      Kevin Mc

      You might search YouTube for AE tutorials on colorizing. I’m pretty sure AE can do what you need. Hope that helps.

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      As I mentioned above, the tutorials I’ve found appear to rely on shapes that do not change.

      I did find another video yesterday ( ), but it still relies on hand tracing objects, so many modifications are needed every few frames or less. That doesn’t really seem any easier than Fusion.

      The one video that gave me hope about AE was . But that is a very controlled environment. The animals in my scene will not be lit so evenly (in fact, the sun will make the shadows much deeper), the color of their fur won’t be so uniform, and the background will not be so consistent. I tried color/chroma key with Fusion with similar footage to what I will be shooting, but it was awful.

      What I’m asking is if AE brings to the table better edge detection for masks, that will make it worth the cost of entry. Perhaps something like this: (although obviously I’ll be using color footage, not B&W).


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      Perhaps Hitfilm 3 Express? It has keyframe masking and tracking I believe and is free.

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