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      Hi all,

           I shoot with multiple cameras.  Usually 2, and the colors and white balance usually are pretty close between them.  Recently, I had a shoot where I hired another videographer to help me with his 2 cameras.  In post, I have to do some color correction.  Does anyone know of a plug-in for Vegas that can automatically color correct and/or white balance across multiple camera streams?

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      I've been using NLEs for a very long time and, to the best of my knowledge, no one makes a plug-in like that for any NLE.

      Pick one good camera and match all other cameras to that one. Apply the FX to the camera footage while the events (what Vegas calls a clip) are still in the Media Tab (i.e. before you drop them on your timeline).

      Hopefully all cameras shot the same thing at least once. If not, that's something to do on your next shoot.



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