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      Hey all,

      I'm currently color correcting our university's graduation. Unfortunately the camera used was not white balanced, so what has happened is the speaker's face is in shadows. Also this event was outside but he was under a tent.

      What tools in Adobe CS6 would you recommend to use to lighten the area? I was trying to use Fast Color Corrector but I couldn't get the lighting right.


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      Nothing substitutes for propper lighting and shooting.  Next year, light the stage with some HMIs.  It will look great in person and on camera.  Okay, finger wagging complete.

      Personally, I'm not a big fan of the color correction tools in Premiere.  If you have After Effects, use the Synthetic Aperture Color Fineess Plugin.  It's very powerful.  Depending on how dark the speaker is, you may end up with some very noisy video.  Find a happy balance between noise and brightness. 

      Chances are you'll end up needing to use garbage masks to only color correct certain sections of the image.  If the camera is a lock down, like will be much easier.  If it pans, zooms, etc… plan to be late at the office for a couple of days.

      Can you post a frame grab of the shot to give us a better idea of what you're up against?



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