Closed Caption SCC crashes Premiere

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      Creating Closed Captions in Sony Vegas 10, then importing the video no hassle in Adobe Premiere CS5.5, but when I try to attach the SCC closed caption file on the sequence, it crashes on all 5 of our computers at the office, 3 with MATROX MX02, and 2 with no additional hardware.


      Anyone having trouble the same way? I've got to get this show out to PBS asap and this is a hassle.

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      Never seen that before. It sounds like whatever software you used to make the SCC and premiere cs5.5 don't get along. Is your version of premiere fully up to date? If so, do you have access to anything else that can handle SCC filess? FCP or Vegas maybe?


      Maybe exporting the SCC from another software would give you better luck.

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