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      Background: The clip is from the middle of a short film titled “Sundown at Coffin Rock” written by Raymond K. Paden. The story takes place in our near future when the 2nd Amendment has been eliminated. “Someone” told the Bureau of Gun Control that Frank had some guns. When they arrested Frank, they could not find any guns but they took him “downtown” to interview him anyway. ALL of the cast and crew are VOLUNTEERs. I had invited the crew to my house for food, drink, and a video session. I had to convert my office into a police interview room. (Which apparently worked …. My sister asked me “where did you film that scene?”)

      Anyway, we all had been having fun (you know, friends, food, drink = good times) and being amateurs in the video business, the first few takes had NOT gone well. Lines were forgotten. People laughed. Etc. I think this was the fifth or sixth take  …. And it just fell into place. When I called ‘cut’, we all looked at each other and I said “I think we’ll keep that one.”



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      Great Video!


      Thanks for participating!

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