Clip – Foot-bike-horse-car chase

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      This is a clip I made yesterday. Took me 11 hours. Done all in Edius except for final overall color correction in AE with Bullet Looks. It will be screened at a Bar Mitzvah for about 400 people.

      Summery (since dialog and subs are in Hebrew)

      The boy asks his commanders what the fastest way to the hall is. They tell him he's being followed and should run. He runs. He is chased by foot, bike, horse, and car. He reaches the hall where the Bar Mitzvah will be and is told by his commanders that he reached his detestation and that the mission was accomplished. He gets dressed and they tell him that his final mission is to read the Bar Mitzvah speech. Enjoy!
      p.s. The police in the middle was not planned… 🙂


      I welcome constructive criticism so I can further learn. Thank you.

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      funny, neat stuff.  at times they don't look like they are running to catch the guy. the doesn't look like he can run fast.  Cool sound effects. 

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