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      Hey folks, I'm Andrew.

      Our website is working on a next-generation social video platform, and we're now looking for community managers to help build an engaged and active audience.
      You can check us out on Video Community – Discover, Share, Collaborate

      We've just started posting paid opportunities for content creators who are excellent in social media. We call these people Citizen Pros; they manage each of the different video categories on our website. Let me know if you have questions for applying!

      The community categories available are:
      • Music
      • Comedy
      • Dance
      • Film
      • Travel
      • News
      • Animation
      • Fashion
      • Lifestyle
      • Sports
      • Documentaries
      • Gaming
      • Education & How To
      • Auto & Vehicles
      • Pets & Animals
      • People & Blogs

      Responsibilities for this role include:
      • Generating video content for your assigned category (see above for category options)
      • Sourcing and moderating talent for your assigned category (bring new content creators into the mix to contribute to your category)
      • Manage multiple sub-categories within your assigned category
      • Arrange featured playlists to show off new talent and best of your category (do not use for self-promotion)
      • Develop the social community for your category via Facebook, Twitter, etc
      • Moderate and stimulate discussion on your category’s community wall

      • Must have experience with content management systems for basic administration and social media management experience
      • A stable hi-speed internet connection with a minimum 1mbit upload and 8mbit download speed

      How To Apply:
      1. Create a profile on using recent profile picture, showing date in the title.
      2. Create a 1 – 3 minute application video explaining why you want to be a Citizen Pro with supporting material and upload the video to your profile
      3. Submit your application online:
      Go to Become a Citizen Pro | – Discover, Share, Collaborate and send us a link with your profile URL as well as links to your CV, online portfolio and so on – make sure to include your available start date and chosen area of interest. OR, submit your application by email to:


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