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      I was hired at a church to mainly be the worship leader or music director, but I also am used when it comes to techie things as well.

      I was thinking it would be a very good idea to have some sort of "promotional video", probably like 1 minute or less, to help introduce the church and tell a few things about it. I know people do not like a lot of text and a short 1 minute (or even less) video would be really nice. Music is easy to get because the Pastor is a classical guitarist and we can record our own music using him. 

      I was wondering, what would be the best thing to put on this video (script)? What is the best way to use this one minute (or even less) to capture the viewers attention? 

      Thanks a lot!

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      I would suggest  sitting down with the Pastor as well as a couple of church members and put together a voice over script of the things you want to tell people about your church.  Once you have the voice over script pretty close to what you want then you can shoot video to support the text. 

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      Space Racer

      Follow the 11th commandment: Thou Shalt Limit Thyself to One Topic Per Video….


      Like Cville suggests, meet with the church leaders and figure out what  three or four things are unique to you…Are you the friendliest church in town? Maybe you are really involved in mission work? Are you the church with the best music? The most interesting sermons? Do you have a great youth ministry?Remember, people choose their church for lots of reasons unrelated to theology…. so be completely honest with yourselves and figure out what makes your house of worship so great. 


      Now comes the hard part. Choose just ONE of those things and THAT'S what you make your vid about. If you try to address two topics, you'll lose your audience because people are very easily confused.


      And go to YouTube and have a look at other church videos and see what techniques they use in terms of their script. And don't forget that the best ambassadors for the church are everyday members, sometimes moreso than the clergy. If you can get them talking about  why they love the church in terms of your topic, you're golden. 


      Be forewarned that sticking to one topic is hard and people will get crazy on you during the writing and production because they'll want to add in additional ideas, but stick to your guns and you'll come out with a great vid. 



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      I would make sure you show clips of how the church is a community. People like to feel like they belong, and showing how church members get along is a good thing to include.

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      First, length is not as important in a Church Promo video as is the content. You need to let people know who your are, what you believe, and what the church is all about. 


      Sit down and discuss what the goal is of this video. Who is it aimed at? What is your message to them.


      In my opinion you should shoot the following:

      Clips from a few of the best sermons

      Footage of the congregation following along in their bibles, praying, worshiping, etc.

      Footage of the worship portion of the day.

      Testimonials from the Pastor, other teams involved in the church, members of the   congregation, etc.


      I wrote an article  on my website that gives tips to creating a successful marketing video for businesses. Many of these same tips apply to what you're trying to do.


      Here's the link:    

      4 Tips For a Successful Video Marketing Campaign



      Greg Ball

      Miami Video Production Company | Miami to Orlando Florida



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      Concentrate on the content. Last month we had a good chance to participate in the promo video challenge for our church. I recommend the tutorials on Church Promo video course and Road to the Free Digital Society by Richard Matthew Stallman >>

      Randy Bonnette

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      I would make sure you show clips of how the church is a community. People like to feel like they belong, and showing how church members get along is a good thing to include.
      And I agree with Randy about rapidessay

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      Good luck with the realization of this project, Bro!

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      marlon videopower

      Always focus on the content you are making! This is amazing, looks like this is your calling from above. If you want to download some worship videos as inspireation

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