Choppy motion from Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

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      I'm fairly new so let me know if I'm not giving enough information! I recently shot some video on a BMPCC at 1080p, ProRes. It was a simple enough shoot for a promo vid for my friends company. Some of the shots were great but I noticed that when there was camera movement (particularly handheld) I was getting some choppy motion that I can't seem to get rid of! Here's the video on Vimeo (extremely noticeable around 0:50). I'm trying to figure out if it was something to do with the way I shot the video, the camera, the format etc. All I remember about the lens was it was Lumix 14-45mm f3.5 - 5.6 with O.I.S, which was switched on. Can anybody help please?
      D Moloney
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      You need a Steadicam or a slider, and perhaps a little jib (the Steadicam CAN do some jib-like moves) to do the motion, and to turn off the O.I.S. Further, you need to do a little bit more with lighting and/or your color grading. Cosmetics / skin care products yearn for a light look. Finally, with the Pocket Cam, you want to have at least a 95MB per second card for the capture.

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