Choosing between C100 Mark II vs FS700R

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      Hi guys

      I am planning on buying a new Professional Camcorder soon,

      but I am struggling between C100 Mark II and Sony FS700R.

      I am leaning more towards the FS700R functionwise, but I have a lot of

      EF lenses including 24mm f1.4 ii, 85mm f1.2 ii, 24-70mm f2.8 ii, 100mm f2.8 MACRO, and 16-35mm f2.8 ii and I am thinking I would need to purchase a whole new sets of lenses If i go with FS700R which will cost me a lot of money. I already have a 5d mark ii and I really need help on deciding. What would you guys recommend that I purchase?

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      Instead of spending nearly $6000 on a  relatively low resolution 1080p camera such as the $5499 C100 Mark II or $5999 FS700, you might want to consider stepping up to a 4K camcorder (with 4 times the resolution of either of these cameras) for about the same amount of money or less.


      You can get a 4K Super 35 JVC GY-LS300 with a free Metabones Canon to MFT smart adapter, for example, for just $3995.


      With this package, you can share your Canon glass between the 5D and the camcorder.


      Here is the image quality it can produce:









      Here's a nice overview from Zacuto:





      …and a review from HD Warrior:





      I have shot with this camera, and it is a very good value for your money.


      If you can wait a few months, you might also want to consider the $4995 Blackmagic URSA Mini with the EF mount and 4.6K sensor.  You won't need a lens adapter with this camera – it is 100% compatible with your Canon glass.  Add the $395 shoulder mount and the $1495 1920×1080 OLED viewfinder and you'll have a complete 4.6K shoulder mounted solution for $6885 (plus V mount battery and CFast 2.0 cards).


      This camera and sensor are so new, the only example video was shot with its big brother, the $6995 URSA EF 4.6K, and is embedded here:


      It seems to me that the URSA Mini EF 4.6K combines the best features of both the FS700 (e.g. high frame rates) and the C100 Mk II (e.g., EF mount lens compatibility)  with more dynamic range and 4 times the resolution.


      Hope this is helpful and good luck with your camcorder upgrade!



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      If you have enough money for the FS700, what about the FS7?


      I don't, so will make do with my A7s or save up for the JVC LS300.

      Or wait for a Sony CamCorder with A7s Sensor.

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