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      tl;dr I am trying to choose between the Rebel t5i or Lumix GH3 for filmmaking. I like the Gh3 better I think, but a 50mm (or 25mm for m4/3)for nice DoF and cinematic look is very expensive for the GH3. Not so for the rebel.


      Been doing some research regarding a camera. I need one for a college course, and being a film major thought I'd use it as an opportunity to buy one I could use to make short films/music videos ect. Narrowed it down to the Canon Rebel t5i/700d or the Panasonic Lumix GH3. My issue is lenses. To get a nice 50mm lens (looks the best imo for short films) it's like $500 on the Gh3 and only $100 on t5i/

      Lenses are cheaper for the rebel from what I can see.


      Just curious if anyone can help sway me into picking either one. Anything helps! Thanks! Basically want to know if spending 200+ more on GH3 is worth it. Thank you!

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      I would avoid DSLRs for video.

      I started out with a Canon DSLR, but switched to mirrorless. Here’s why.

      In the T5i’s price range, Canon DSLRs lack:

      – 1080/60fps for smooth HD slow motion (they are limited to 30 frames per second)

      – a usable viewfinder when you switch to “Live View” (video) mode

      – compatibility with affordable power zoom lenses

      – the ability to record for more than 30 minutes continuously

      – headphone jacks

      Plus, Canon DSLRs in this price range suffer from a phenomenon known as “moire” as the result of poor downscaling. Panasonic G and GH cameras, for example, have a better downscaling algorithm. Here are a couple of side-by-sides between the Canon 60D and a moire-resistant Panasonic GH camera:

      Newer Canon cameras are not much better. Here is a side-by-side between the Canon 60D and 70D:

      Instead of the T5i, you might want to consider a moire-resistant GH3 (on sale for $597.99 right now at B&H with free warranty extension

      if you want a 50mm f1.8 equivalent for it, you can get a $299 Olympus 25mm f1.8:

      Here are a few examples of the image quality the GH3 can produce:

      It’s a great still camera too:

      I own this camera and it really is a better choice for video than a DSLR.

      Hope this is helpful and good luck with your decision!

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