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      I have a Sony CCD-V800E which has stopped working and I would like some advice on the best replacement as I think it will be expensive to repair and I have old tapes I would like to copy and edit on my computer.

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      You can find some Hi8 camcorders on Amazon by searching for "hi8 camcorder".  The prices range from $125 and up.   There are also a few on eBay that end with E in the model number.   The ones on eBay start at 31 pounds.  As far as which one is best I cannot say as the only Hi8 camcorder I have is the Sony DCR-TRV320.

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      Very much like my first Sony Hi8! It was a great camera


      I wouldn't suggest a Hi-8 camcorder–it's too far out of date. The video camera on your smartphone will beat it by a country mile.


      Instead, it might be a good idea to look on eBay for a Hi8 playback box to transcode your tapes to digital. Once you've done that, list the unit on eBay for the next person who needs to do the same thing. You should just about break even.


      If you're taking personal video, and if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, I'd suggest giving that a go. I have several different digital HD and 4K cameras, but when the kids have birthdays, i pull out the iPhone. It does a surprisingly good job, and I don't have to set up my shots!

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      Thankyou for the advice much appreciated.

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