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      I’m writing here because after some hard work we decided it’s time to show Logline to the world. Logline is a platform for video preproduction that will help you stay organized when working with your team on your project. You can register at with code LA-DOLCE-VITA. We would like to ask all of you for feedback, comments, some nice words, or a complete rant on what we’ve done.

      To check it out go to and use the code LADOLCEVITA

      We’ve started working on Logline to help solve two problems we’ve been experiencing ourselves when working on TV production. Most of you probably have experienced at least a few times in your lives getting multiple files from your team members like “my project budget 5 FINAL version 8.xls” and then after it came “my project budget 5 Final version Final 9.xls” and few more after this. Most of you had to also organize a replacement for your videographer or soundmen because someone has dropped out on the very last moment. That’s why we want to combine productivity tools like scriptwriting, scheduling, budgeting and storyboarding with database of cast and crew, job offers, castings and a database matching production companies with clients.

      As for now we are still tweaking lots of things and will really appreciate all the feedback you might give us. Things that are complete or semi complete now:

      People – searchable database, you can find the people you want to work with, search using many different criteria, see and edit your own profile.
      Connections – list of all people you’ve connected with, here is also where you can exchange messages, see all the system notifications and invite people to join Logline.
      Castings – list of all open casting calls, you can browse or search the list and apply for the ones you like. You can create a casting call from within each project in your studio.
      Jobs – list of all active job offers, you can browse or search the list and apply for the ones you find interesting. The job offers can be created from within any of your studios.

      Studio – space to work on your projects. At the moment the active tools include:

      -concept – draft your idea in a form of notes. Transform it later to scenes in your script
      -script – simple script writing tool following industry standards. We are working on adapting different script formats to allow seamless import and export between Logline and other applications.
      -storyboard – upload your drawings, set descriptions and adjust camera angles.
      -guest list – for your entertainment and current affairs shows where it’s important to keep track of whose coming and whose not.
      -cast – organize your cast list, store all the contacts and biometric data.
      -casting – create casting calls, set your all the requirements and get the system to automatically match the right people for you.

      Coming very soon:

      -schedule – organize and schedule tasks for your team mates, set deadlines and keep track of progress.
      -budget – add all the items and let logline do all the calculations for you.
      -sides – create sides for each of your shooting days, character rehearsals or anything else that you need.
      -lookbook – save the concept for your projects, images, videos and links that will show other team members what is what you meant when you said “a red hat like this guy had in that movie”

      On top of that we are working on providing cross tool functionality (at this time you can for example generate storyboard scenes or cast list from script).

      Privacy We realize that privacy is crucial in this industry, that’s why you can set access levels individually for each studio, each project and each tool in every project. This way you can work with people from all over the world not having to worry that they will know too much about it.

      If you have any questions please leave them here or ask by email ( I am one-third of our current team. We hope to interest more people in our project, gather feedback and find ways to expend our team so we can make it better and bigger.

      TL;DR We prototyped application to help us organize work during video preproduction. We need some feedback so we can push it further. Register at with code HOW-I-LEARNED-TO-STOP-WORRYING.

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