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      Our church is looking for a video mixer to record the pastors sermon every Sunday which needs to meet certain requirements
      -Must have at least 3 HDMI inputs
      -Must have an audio in coming from the soundboard (3.5mm or XLR Connector or 6.3mm)
      -Not to picky about the audio mixer because the highs and lows are already adapted through the main soundboard
      -Must have a VGA in for recorder an external computer (pastor’s powerpoints)
      -Also, if possible, maybe a graphics in so we can add special effects (Maybe from Computer in the future, not a big need now)
      -Needs to have a preview screen
      -Needs to have a video output to a computer for recording (USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, or any other fast transfer cable[might need a expansion/express card for these]){might live record in the future}
      -Must record in HD (1080 p coming from camera)
      -Needs to have at least 1 HDMI output for overflow room in the future
      -Our budget: <$1,500 if possible -Looking mostly for used mixers because Mixers get really expensive when u have this many needs We already have a Sony camera HDR-CX330 which we will connect via HDMI to one of the HDMI inputs. We might buy additional cameras in the future. The computer we are recording with still has Windows 7 on it but we will be updating to Windows 10 around halfway through September. It is a Dell computer. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for any replies! I might be posting this on other website forums.

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      Hi BrantKen – it sounds like you’re looking for the Edirol/Roland V-4EX, which is $1995 new:

      ..and $1450 (+$34.05 shipping) used:

      This mixer seems to have all of the connections you’re looking for:

      …with a couple of caveats:

      1. only one of the four HDMI inputs is 1080p – the other three are 480p

      2. the mixer outputs to standard def – good enough for webcast, but might not be what you’re looking for

      Hope this is helpful and good luck with getting your message out!

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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